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I am a Registered Nurse with a PhD in Pharmacology. Over the years, I have gained extensive clinical experience in various fields including cardiology, vascular surgery, addictions, and clinical trials. My passion is supporting fellow healthcare professionals in understanding medications and their effects to promote safe healthcare delivery. I and patient empowerment.
I fulfill this passion mainly through writing!

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MyPhdNurse is a dedicated platform designed to empower healthcare professionals and patients through insightful, evidence-based education. Founded by Dr. Ijeoma Ogbuehi, a registered nurse with a PhD in Pharmacology, MyPhdNurse bridges the gap between complex medical knowledge and practical healthcare application.

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At MyPhdNurse, our mission is to simplify pharmacology and health information, making it accessible and understandable for both healthcare providers and patients. We believe that informed professionals and educated patients are the cornerstones of safe, effective healthcare delivery.

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