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Hey there, Welcome to myPhDnurse!

My name is Ijeoma, but just for you, call me “IJ”, ha ha ha. Well, actually, IJ is the name I get called all the time since I was a little girl.

Nice to meet you here. I am a nurse, pharmacologist, and founder of myPhDnurse. I’ve been a successful learner for many years and have helped many to master the art of learning.


Nursing school is tough but I am here to show you how to study smarter, learn better and practice confidently. Whether you are a future nurse or practicing nurse, let me be your friend.


I have a PhD in Pharmacology, yes you heard me right, the dreaded pharmacology! So, I know the ‘secret’ to mastering your drugs and I am willing to share those with you. To know your drugs, you need to know your Patho-physiology, so come with me as I ‘de-mystify’ these subjects.


I have taught Nursing Pharmacology in the University, and I know just what you need to pass your exams and be a great nurse.


I have learnt from the greatest teachers of all time, but have realized that you do not need too much information to learn a subject, so I keep it simple. My mission on this website is to show you just what you need to know, in order to succeed at nursing.


Whatever your background is or prior education or learning style, I got you!


I have always graduated top of my class, without studying too hard. I realized early on that it is not the volume that matters, so I never studied all night, never! Don’t get me wrong, I love my textbooks. I have always read big books but will end up synthesizing a concise version of the huge information, developing key points and Q/A for me and my study buddies. Am just excited that I can do the same on a larger platform. So, I got you!


Are you still unsure whether to nurse or not, check out my ‘what nurses say’ section for fun and not-too-fun gists.


Do you wonder which specialty is best for you, oh that was me…. I nursed in Cardiology, Med-Surg, Clinical Trials and Addiction units, so I know a thing or two about ‘shopping’ for the kind of nursing for your personality type.


Do you wish there were non-bedside roles in nursing to suit your needs? Then, search up my blog posts on different nurse specialties.


Do not let anxiety hold you back, come be part of a community of achievers. Trust me, with the right tools and study strategies, you will excel!


Friend, just sit back with a cup of iced creamy coffee 😀 and enjoy.


Let’s do this👊!


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